Requiem (Chronicles of Hyboria)
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 Intro to Seshafir

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Lady Seshafir
Lady Seshafir

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Intro to Seshafir Empty
PostSubject: Intro to Seshafir   Intro to Seshafir Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 11:49 am

Seshafir recently began to recall her past life. Raised in Kush, her mother was a courtesan and follower of Derketo. Her father, an Aquilonia nobleman and wealthy trader. Seshafir was raised as a bastard child, and never knew her father. As such, Seshafir found herself being raised in the Temple and learning the ways of Set; thanks to the favorable liking by the many High Priests.

During Seshafirís childhood, Kush developed into a gateway for many pirates and merchants. Despite her motherís wishes she often traveled away from the temple to visit the merchant ports. She had done this for many, many years until, it is believed, she was captured and sent off on a slave ship.

Now, through training and much internal reflection, Seshafir is struggling to discover herself. Who was she? Who she will grow to become? Seshafir recalls never feeling truly accepted in the world that she was raised in and recently found herself is the great city of Old Tarantia. Part of her wants to flee to Stygia, where she has a feeling of familarity. Although, being in Tarantia invokes feelings of fear, Seshafir finds her hopes and desires a powerful overriding factor to those fears. Adventuring in this new land she hopes to understand a part of her the she has never had the opportunity to explore. Her Aquilonian half.
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Intro to Seshafir
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