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 Sieging 101

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PostSubject: Sieging 101   Sieging 101 Icon_minitimeThu Nov 06, 2008 10:56 pm

Greetings all! I found this guide on the TenTonHammer site so I decided to copy and paste it here for us all to be on the same page...

Step 1: Declaring an Attack

The first thing you must do in order to lay siege to an enemy keep is enter the Border Kingdom in which the target keep resides. There are three possible choices.

Border Kingdom Cimmerian End: The Cimmerian Border Kingdom entrance is located in the northern section of

The first step in sieging an enemy is to declare an attack.

the Lachesh Plains at coordinates (1224, 1941).

Border Kingdom Aquilonian End: The Aquilonian Border Kingdom entrance is located in the northern region of Poitain at coordinates (746, 1720)

Border to Kush: The Stygian Border Kingdom being the oddball had both a different name and location. The entrance can be found in the northwest of the Lotus Swamp at coordinates (166, 985).
Upon entering the Border Kingdom your intended target is located in you will be able to open the Massive PvP window that is located in your player search window. The very same window you would use to look for a group or find a PvP mini game, but once you enter the Border Kingdom you will be given a new window with a calendar. This will list the current keeps in the area and when they are vulnerable to attack. From here you will click on your intended target to bid for the rights to attack. I say bid because if someone else wants to attack the same keep during the same window you will bid against them and the guild with the most PvP points will win the rights to attack. PvP points can determine who wins the rights, but it will also remove all the points of that guild. It is my understanding that this was done to ensure more guilds are given the chance to attack rather than a small number monopolizing the rights to invasion. So no hoarding those points folks. Unless you really have someone you want to hit.

If your guild wins the rights you will be given a notification message. All you do from there is ready yourselves for war. As it stands currently a guild can declare as close to one minute before the vulnerability window starts. This is not exactly liked by any of the people I have talked to. Most of the people I know would like to see an attacking guild have to declare at least one hour in advance rather than the one minute. Thus giving the guild time to rally and know if they are being attacked instead of heading to the keep and waiting around an hour to see if anyone shows up. If no one declares by that time the defending guild will get a pass until their next window.

Step 2: Buy Lots of Siege Equipment

You can buy siege engine plans from your city keep.

Let's say you win the rights to an attack. You will of course need the proper equipment. After all, what good is a siege if you can't blow some stuff up? In order to invade an enemy keep or construct a battle keep for that matter you will need to possess a tier 3 city keep. Inside that keep you will find a siege merchant that can sell you an assortment of fun little toys that make a lot of noise. The merchant sells items such as trebuchets, superior trebuchets, catapults and so on. You will want to make sure your members buy plenty of these. Without them you are not getting into any enemy stronghold. As it stands in the game currently you have 2 options for acquiring siegery. You can use the merchant in your battle keep to stock up or you can use the Architect tradeskill. I highly advise the merchant because as it stands at the moment the architect tradeskill is way too expensive to make siege weaponry. As of the writing of this guide you can buy a superior trebuchet for 20s from the siege merchant as to where it would cost you well over a gold to craft one. And as it stands I have not noticed much of a difference between the two when my guild actually tried it in a siege. Never enter a siege without a enough siege equipment. Doing so will doom you to failure.

Make sure your groups have their own equipment as well. Some keeps have multiple siege spots outside the walls while others have more inside. So you will want to have several camps blasting the keep at once if possible. Siege mounts can also be useful for pushing back the enemy or protecting siege equipent, but as of the writing of this guide they are only very mildly effective against structures.

Step 3: Assemble Your Army

Now that you have the rights to attack and a nice assortment of siegery you need the most important element to a proper invasion. You need an army. Gather as many people as you can to lay siege to the enemy keep. The current intended amount of battle for siege keeps are 48 vs 48. You never know how many the enemy is going to have so gather your guild and allies if possible and form up early. You should have a clear line of communication established. Many guilds use a Ventrilo voice chat server, but some may still use the text. Either way, make sure your communication method is clear and your battle plan understood. Otherwise you're in for a legendary butt kicking.

Siege modules can be used to create siege tents.

Step 4: Establishing Your Siege Tent

Upon arriving at your enemy's keep you will need to establish your siege tent as soon as the attack window begins. You will want to be in position and ready to raise the tent at the one or several siege modules depending on what keep you are attacking. From the keeps I have experienced the outer walls can have as few as one module and as many as three. However, once you breach the main gate there are several modules inside the keep that you can establish siege tents at to lay waste to your enemy's stronghold. To raise your siege tent all you need to do is click on the siege module. The tent will be raised and then you can set up your siege weapon and start blasting.

Step 5: Using Your Siege Weapons

Once your siege tent is up you can set up a siege engine such as a trebuchet or catapult providing you have plans for one in your inventory. Each siege module/tent can support one siege engine at a time. If you are the one who has set up an engine at a tent you will have two ways to attack. The first is a siege targeting module that will be placed in your inventory. You can add this icon to your hotbar to fire your engine. The second is a pet command window in your user interface. This works like a summoned pet and if you abandon an engine you can use this to dismiss it so any of your allies can establish a new one if need be. It's a good practice to dismiss anything you aren't using so your army can quickly set up any new attacks when needed without having to figure out who the engine belongs to as engines do not show who they belong to currently.

This icon will be used to operate your siege engine.

Your engine works much like an area of effect spell. When you click on the attack icon you will be given a large green circle that you can use to target objects and even enemies with. If a siege engine strikes an enemy it will often times knock them back from the splash effect. Siege engines as it stands are the main method for destroying walls and buildings. If you enter a siege without enough siege engines you will fail, so it is important for you to bring plenty. In any given siege you want to have a minimum of about 30 engine plans on hand with various members of the attack force.

Step 6: Sieging the Inner keep

Once you breach the outer wall you will need to lay siege to the inner city. Inside are more siege modules that you can establish additional siege tents to bombard the city from. If you have the numbers you will want all inner siege points going at once to do as much damage as possible. You will need defenders to protect your siege engines as the defenders will be mainly concerned with stopping you from using them. Your main goal once inside should be to defend your siege engines at all cost. They are your key to victory and if the defenders can destroy them and stop you from blasting their keep you will fail. The main goal and path to victory comes from razing your enemy's buildings, walls, and keep to the ground.

Step 7: Earning Points for Victory

Earning a victory in a siege is a challenging goal, but if you have a solid attack plan you can come out the victor. When you attack an enemy keep there is a point system that determines who will be the winner. The defending team will begin with over 3500 points and the attackers begins with 0, but as the siege commences these points will change. When you destroy a defending wall, tower, or building you will receive a given amount of points and the defenders will lose points. Your main point gains in a siege will come from the destruction of all enemy structures. Killing enemy players will provide points as well, but they will by no means get you enough to win. In order to win you must destroy as many enemy structures as possible. As an attacker this is your goal. Killing defenders is a secondary option and should only be done mainly for defending your siege weapons. Any time you pursue an enemy and shift your focus from destroying buildings to killing them you are playing into their hands. Defenders only need to hold you off until the siege time limit ends while you need to close the point gap. Focus your attacks one destroying as many structures as possible.

Win or lose, always leave a lasting impression.

Step 8: Ending the Siege

There are two ways to end a siege. The first is to allow the two hour siege time limit to end and the second is to raze the enemy keep to the ground. As an attacker you will want to make sure your team has the point lead before you destroy an enemy keep. Even if you raze most of the keep structures and then bring down the keep itself you can still lose if you haven't gotten the point lead. This is a good feature as it makes destroying the enemy structures a key part in the siege rather than going in strait for the kill.

The massive sieges have come a long way since launch, but that is not to say the sieges do not still suffer from certain bugs and performance issues. Funcom has made a lot of improvements to the siege experience and the ones I have gotten to take part in have been a lot of fun. When you decide to attack an enemy keep just a few things in mind. Bring plenty of siege equipment, defend your engines, burn your enemy's city to ash, and win or lose always leave a lasting impression.
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Sieging 101
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