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 MMO Acronyms

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PostSubject: MMO Acronyms   MMO Acronyms Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 2:55 pm

1H-One Handed –used to refer to one-handed weapons.
1HB-One Handed Blunt –used to refer to one-handed blunt weapons.
1HE-One Handed Edged –used to refer to one-handed edged weapons.
2H-Two Handed –usually refers to two-handed weapons.
2HB-Two Handed Blunt –usually refers to two-handed blunt weapons.
2HE-Two Handed Edged –usually refers to two-handed edged weapons.

AFK- Away From Keyboard
AI-Artificial intelligence– computer controlled entity that simulates thought processes.
AOE-Area of Effect– the area in which a spell will be effective.
Add-Monsters that join the fight (often by pathing into player agrro radiuses) are referred to as 'adds'.
Aggro-The act of a hostile monster engaging you in combat.
Aggro radius-The range within which a hostile NPC will initiate combat, if the player gets near enough. This will prevent all the hostile NPCs in an area running to attack the player, and simulates a hostile NPC 'seeing' the player.
Alt-An alternative character to your 'main' character, usually a low level character.

Bio – Restroom break or Back In One (minute).
BRB-Be Right Back
BRT-Be Right There
Boss-Bosses are bigger and tougher versions of regular mobs, they usually have a proper name rather than a generic one.
Bot-Refers to a computer controlled player character. A bot is often set to kill monsters in an area for either experience or money. Automation of characters through third party software is often against the rules of MMO games.
Buff-A beneficial spell effect that improves a character's stats temporarily.

Caster-Short for spellcaster, a character who often fights from range using projectile spells.
Cooldown-The time that the player has to wait after using a certain ability (i.e. a spell, item or skill) before they are allowed to use it again.
Critter-Similar to mob, but often implies that it is weak or worthless.
CC-Crowd Control-is often used to reduce the number of opponents that one has to fight at once, which makes combat safer, easier, or possible at all.

DPS-Damage Per Second –commonly used to label weapons in games.
DPS'er – A character or class of characters who is mainly focused on dealing as much damage as possible.
DoT-Damage over time - effect that causes continuous damage to a target over a period of time.
Drop-An item obtained from the environment. (Looting mobs, chests etc)

ERP-Erotic Role Play
Expansion-An expansion is additional software that adds new content and features to a game.
Exploit-A specific flaw in the game mechanics, system architecture, or world geography to give oneself an advantage over other players, access otherwise hidden or unavailable content, or bypass intended elements of the game design or NPC AI.

Farming-The act of repetitively completing a certain action, in the aim of benefiting the character. This can be gathering of specific materials or an effort to find a specific rare item or piece of equipment. A less desirable form of farming is gold farming, where a person gathers as much gold as possible (usually with help of botting programs) in order to sell it on to other players on illicit sites.
FPS-Frames Per Second or First Person Shooter
FTW-For the Win
FUBAR – F&@#ed Up Beyond All Repair

G2G-Good to Go or Got to Go
Gank-Originally short for 'gang kill', this is a term used to describe the 'unfair' killing of another player by a stronger player or group of players.
Gimped-Usually describes a character with lessened stats due to a bug, or an in-game event that only happens once. Can also refer to a weapon, or armour piece being negatively affected by something permanently or temporary. Usually a noun follows this and that particular noun is to be 'weaker' in some sense.
GM-Game Master or Guild Master
Griefing-Can refer to many things that is considered somewhat unethical in MMOs, such as Corpse/Rez Campling. Basically, doing anything and everything in your power to cause grief to the other player.
Grinding-Staying in the same area and fighting same kind of monsters for a long time.

HP-Hit points- The amount of damage a character can sustain before he dies.
Healer-A character that makes use of healing spells to restore hit points of themselves and allies.
HoT-Heal Over Time – a healing spell that does not instantly restore health, instead it restores an amount of health over a certain period of time .

IC-In character-Basically whenever you are role-playing you are "In Character". It is a good thing to note that when a person acts like a jerk or starts flirting with you, it may have nothing to do with the actual person behind the avatar, just how the character would act. It is wise not to become offended by anything someone does "In Character".
Imba-Slang, short for 'imbalanced'. Used when referring to a game element that is considered not balanced, giving the player an unfair advantage. Can also be used as a positive adjective ("that's imba!", "imba sword", etc).
Instance-An instance is a part of the world (normally a dungeon) of which a private copy is made and reserved for a player or group of players, as opposed to a non-instanced dungeon or location where the player(s) can meet other players of their own or the opposing side, with the related consequences. Instancing has become more prevalent in MMORPGs over the last five years.
IRL-In Real Life- meaning life outside the game such as work, family etc.

JK-An abbreviation for Joking, can also mean Just kidding - often written J/k.

Kiting-Usually used in conjunction with a snare ability, but basically means you keep distance between you and your opponent/creature to damage it from range. This technique is often used to drag NPC monsters into areas they do not spawn in.
KOS-Kill on Sight
LD-Link Dead or Link Disconnected
LFG-Looking for group
LFM-Looking For More – to join a group or party
LFW-Looking For Work
LMAO-Laughing My Ass Off
LOL-Laughing out loud
LoS-Line of Sight
Lag-When the connection to the server is interrupted/reduced, causing stuttering or delays on screen.

MEZ-Mesmerize-a spell that keeps the target from doing anything for a short while.
MMO-Massively Multiplayer Online Game
MMORPG-Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game
Mob-Short for 'mobile object', the term 'mob' denotes a non-playable character that is usually attackable and often a monster of some sort.
Mob spawn-The act of a monster being created by the game server, at a spawn point.
Mount-A mount is a ridable creature that speeds up travel or is used for combat.
MT-Main Tank or Miss Tell

NPC-None player charater-a character whose actions are controlled by the game server AI instead of a human player. NPCs can be friendly or hostile.
Nerf-The downgrade of character abilities, attributes, etc. by the game developers in an effort to balance the class.
Newbie-A slang term referring to a 'new' player, who may not yet be particularly competent with the game. Variants on this term (newb, noob, etc) are commonly used as insults.

OMG-Oh My God
OMW-On My Way
OOM-Out Of Mana – normally exclaimed by healing characters in party chat to warn others that they are out of mana, and need a rest before they can give more heals.
OOR-Out of Range
OOS-Out of Stamina
OT-Off tank

PK-Player kill- PKing is nonconsensual and usually random. An aggressor attacks an opponent without agreement to any set of rules of engagement or combat. This can include raiding spawns, camping towns, and any other action which constitutes griefing another party.
PST-Please Send Tell (send private message)
Pathing-Pathing describes the NPCs ability to follow a set route or patrol.
PUG-Pick up Group
Pull-The act of drawing a monster from its current location into combat.

QQ-Emoticon for Crying

REZ/RES-Raise dead (resurrect)
ROFL-Rolling on the Floor Laughing
ROOT-A spell that prevents movement

Spawn point-The area or location in which a certain type of mob is regularly spawned by the game server.

Tank-A character whose job is to keep an enemy (or 'mob') focused and hitting him or her, so that more fragile classes may safely damage the enemy from distance. This often makes healing easier, as healers only need to heal the tank taking damage.
Taunt-Taunting a mob to increase the level of hate the monster has with a player. Mobs will then attack the player at the top of his 'hate list' first – usually a Tank.
Threat-The level of 'threat' (also referred to as aggro) that a monster has is usually (in MMORPG terms) a list, organised in descending order, that tracks the players currently in combat with it.
Twink-A low level character that has been equipped with high-level or unusually strong gear.

Uber-Usually used sarcastically to indicate something as being powerful, or is relatively better anything else by a large gap.
UI-User Interface

WTB-Want to Buy-used by players in chat channels to inform others that they want to buy a particular item or piece of equipment.
WTH-Want To Hire – used by players in chat channels to inform others that they are in need of another players service. Such as trade skills or buffs or even borrowing another player to heal or fight to complete a certain scenario that one usually would not complete alone.
WTS-Want To Sell – used by players in chat channels to inform others that they have a particular item or piece of equipment for sale.
WTT-Want To Trade

Wipe/Group Wipe-Used when a party or group of player characters are all killed by enemies.

Zerg-Refers to being attacked by an overwhelming number of players.
Zone-An area of the game separated by loading from one point to the next. A lot of bugs and glitches resolve around 'zoning'.
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MMO Acronyms
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