Requiem (Chronicles of Hyboria)
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 Guild Houses and Guild Ranking

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PostSubject: Guild Houses and Guild Ranking   Guild Houses and Guild Ranking Icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2008 9:55 pm

The guild is split into four houses: the House of Commerce(harvesting), the House of Arms(PvP), the Scribe House(Role-playing) and the Armory(crafting). Houses are a way for members to find other members in the aspect of the game they enjoy. Each member joins a house and contributes to the specific house. Other members can find, say, crafters within the guild or hire someone from the house of arms for protection!

House of Arms:
The house of arms is the army of Chronicles of Hyboria. There job is to manage the guilds kill on sight list as well as defend our guild city Achaiia. (PvP)
Offficer in charge: none (position open)

The armory is the factory for the guild, crafting and supplying equipment for the guild. They manage guild inventory (weapons, armor etc...). A banker will need to hold all guild items. (Crafters)
Officer in charge: (position open)

House of Commerce:
This house manages the tradeskill resources of the guild. They harvest materials to supply the armory and other members of the guild. They also manage guild city construction. Note that the guild bank is only for tradeskill resources. (Harvesting)
Officer in charge: Seshafir

Scribe House:
The scribe house are the knowledge keepers of the guild. They orginize guild events (questing and such). They assist new members in getting to understand the guild and game. They may even offer assistance for players getting mounts. (Rpers)
Officer in charge: Sigwulf

All members are to choose a house to belong to. Speak to the officer of the designated house or to Netit of the guild to join a house.


Guild ranking will be simple. As a member progresses in level they gain ranks. From level 1 - 19 you are of the Aspirant rank. 20 - 59 is the Vassal rank and 60 - 80 is the Squire rank. The rank of Knight is awarded to players who have shown commitment and citizenship the guild. Commandment is the officer rank and Lord is the guild leader.
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Guild Houses and Guild Ranking
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