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 Chat Box Customization - Tip

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Chat Box Customization - Tip Empty
PostSubject: Chat Box Customization - Tip   Chat Box Customization - Tip Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 9:26 am

Did you know that you can add tabs to your chat box and customize and subscribe to specific chat channels?

I personally have the following:
Tab 1 - Default, but I have turned off the OCC and Continent chat (too much garbage chat if you ask me).
Tab 2 - Combat, here I have options to see what xp I gain and a running log combat. I turn off options to see my damage, but leave the rest. This comes in handy, when you need to know who just killed/ganked you.
Tab 3 - Guild, here I only have guild chat, guild announcements, and tells. I can toggle back and forth between tab 1 and tab 3. I've learned that this reduces the amount of miss tells and I can scroll up and see and guild chat I may have missed during combat without all the cluter of system messages and any other chat that runs through tab 1.
Tab 4 - Group, here I have group chat, guild announcements (I feel bad if I miss a leveling or a new member), and tell.
Tab 5 - Raid...I think you all get the idea.

When I need to responds I just click the approriate tab, hit enter and type away. I don't have to worry about typing out those pesky /channel commands.

Just thought I'd share this little "what works for me" tip.
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Chat Box Customization - Tip
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