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 Priest of Mitra - Feat Advice

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PostSubject: Priest of Mitra - Feat Advice   Priest of Mitra - Feat Advice Icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 10:18 am

Found this interesting and thought I'd share it.

Priest of Mitra: Leveling Build and Feat Advice
June 26, 2008 by ferv0r

This build is focused on creating a Priest of Mitra (PoM) capable of solo grinding efficiently, while maintaining the core skills required to be an effective group healer. For the most part, the PoM community has a consensus about the important feats for leveling. This guide will explain the best order in which to select the feats and the reasons for picking them.


10-14 Improved Smite
15-19 Cleansing Fire
20-23 Holy Vengeance
25-25 Revivication (2 points)

26-30 Lance of Mitra
31-34 Divine Lance

35-39 Ether Flow

40-41 Glowing Radiance
42 Searing Light

43-44 Far Reaching Spirit
45-47 Spirit Armor or Grace or Vindicator
48-51 Presence of Mind

52-56 Holy Accession
57-60 Wrath of Mitra
61 Clarity of Mind
62-64 Force of Will
65-67 Purification
68-70 Improved Repulse
70-74 Holy Surge
75-79 Overwhelming Light
80 Empowered Repulse

Detailed Progression

5/5 Improved Smite - More damage for your standard nuke.
5/5 Cleansing Fire - Much easier to use in solo situations than Lance of Mitra. At this level, people are spending most of their time solo, so this will be more useful.
5/5 Holy Vengeance or 5/5 Improved Rebuke - Both add to your DPS. Since you are always casting Wave of Life, HV is a nice added bonus. It works well if you are party focused and want one less thing to think about. On the other hand, Rebuke is a fast casting nuke that works well in the nuke rotation and quickly finishing off opponents. For PvP, Rebuke is more useful as well.
2/3 Revivication - 2 points is enough to ensure it will trigger early in every battle. You donít ever have to worry about casting Emanation of Life (EoL) again when playing solo. Useful in tough situations and great for running away or traveling. Especially useful for PvP where you will get surprised a lot and spending 2 seconds to cast EoL is far too long.
5/5 Lance of Mitra - A great nuke, but requires positioning yourself properly to use it effectively. Melee mobs tend to surround you and usually two targets is the maximum you will hit using Lance. Use repulse to throw them back, giving you time to line them up for a Lance. By this level, most PoMís probably have a guild or friends they usually play with. In a group, itís very easy to use Lance to its full potential.
5/5 Divine Lance - Makes Lance of Mitra into a nuke and a heal. Very useful in groups. Useful in solo situations as well because it can heal you if it hits a nearby target. I recommend getting this skill prior to level 35 when most people start doing Sanctum groups. For most PoMís, Sanctum is their first elite instance and it is extremely helpful to have all your healing tools available.
5/5 Ether Flow - By now, the PoM has upgraded versions of their skills and mana management starts to become an issue. If you have mana problems sooner, consider getting this skill at an earlier level.
3/3 Glowing Radiance - The debuff from Radiance also grants a +5% damage buff.
1/1 Searing Light - Gives Radiance a powerful AoE nuke that does damage on par with Smite.
2/2 Far Reaching Spirit - Significantly increases Radianceís range.
3/5 Spirit Armor or 3/3 Grace or 2/2 Vindicator - A 3 point filler to get to the next feat. Spend 3 points in the 2nd tier general tree that best suits your playstyle.
5/5 Presence of Mind - Makes Radiance into an instant cast. This makes the emergency heal far more useful. It can be cast on the run. With Searing Light, it means Radiance is a powerful instant cast AoE nuke. Soon after you get this feat, you will start running out of quests and need to grind experience. Cannibal Caves is a great grinding spot in the 50ís and you now have all the skills required to kill groups of mobs efficiently.
5/5 Holy Accession - At 5/5, it triggers constantly, reducing the mana cost of your next nuke to zero. It is a great mana management feat. This makes it much easier to heal and nuke nonstop.
5/5 Wrath of Mind - Gives a significant damage buff to all your nukes. Scales with your level.
1/1 Clarity of Mind - The next nuke can be cast for no mana cost. 2 minute cooldown. Not that useful until you get Force of Will.
3/3 Force of Will - This makes the nuke you cast using Clarity of Mind do double damage.
3/3 Purification - Every nuke has a chance of triggering bonus damage.
3/3 Improved Repulse - Improves the damage of your highest damage AoE nuke. Great for PvE and PvP. There is some question whether this feat is working properly, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.
5/5 Holy Surge - Increases the critical strike chance of your nukes. Good way to increase your DPS.
5/5 Overwhelming Light - Increases the critical damage multiplier of your nukes. When you land a critical strike, it does more damage.
1/1 Avatar of Mitra - Instant cast, point blank AoE 5 second stun. 2 minute cooldown. Extremely helpful in both PvE and PvP.
2/2 Empowered Repulse - Increases the knockback power and distance of Repulse. This allows Repulse to knockback most players. Good skill for PvE. Great for PvP.
Alternative Feat Choices

Blessed Armor of Faith + Unyielding Faith - Reduces the Armor of Faith holy damage penalty to -20 at level 80 and significantly reduces the mana penalty. Unyielding Faith reduces the unholy vulnerability to 20%. Armor of Faith provides a big defensive boost, which is invaluable to the relatively squishy PoM. This is an expensive investment, but one that many PoMís are willing to make.
Exemplar - Passive damage increase that stacks well with other damage boosting feats.
Vengeance of the Gods - 20% damage buff that lasts 30s with a 3min cooldown. Great for PvP and difficult PvE encounters.
Saintly Warrior - Provides mana and stamina when struck by melee. A good way to reduce your downtime.
Purification of Mitra - Although the damage is much lower than it used to be, for only 2 points, it is basically free additional damage since you are always casting Wave of Life. Decent DPS increase for leveling.
General Advice

Smite and Rebuke have a small AoE radius. Take advantage by adjusting your positioning to ensure both nukes always hit two targets. Backpedaling will usually force melee mobs to follow you and bunch up closer.
Lance of Mitra takes some practice to learn how to maximize the number of targets. At close range, proper positioning can allow you to hit multiple mobs.

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Priest of Mitra - Feat Advice
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