Requiem (Chronicles of Hyboria)
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 Begin Harvesting at 20

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Begin Harvesting at 20 Empty
PostSubject: Begin Harvesting at 20   Begin Harvesting at 20 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 9:44 am

Starting at Level 20 - Begin your harvesting quests

Although you cannot actually start crafting at level 20, progressing your harvesting skill will benefit you in the actual crafting process and allow you to build up your resources. There are 6 skills you may choose train in all or just some, depending on your desired crafting profession and guild needs; Miner, Prospector, Skinner, Weaver, Stonecutter, and Woodcutter.

Once you have left Tortage, you may travel to the trainers and begin your harvesting quests. I believe that after the July 18 patch, you may visit many of the wagoners and travel directly to these locations rather than traveling cross country. (Feel free to contact me, Seshafir for a guide)

Aquilonians – Poitain
Cimmerians – Lachish Plains
Stygians – Purple Lotus Swamp

Tier I Resources:

Stonecutter: Sandstone/Clear Quartz
Prospector: Silver/Black Silver
Miner: Copper/Tin
Woodcutter: Ash/Ebon Ash
Weaver: Cotton/Cotton Wisp
Skinner: Rough Leather/Brindled Leather
Tier II Resources:

Stonecutter: Granite/Felspar
Prospector: Electrum/Illustrium
Miner: Iron/Aurichalcum
Woodcutter: Yew/Amberwood
Weaver: Silk/Tussah Silk (note: these become NPC dropped items)
Skinner: Calloused Leather/Grained Leather
Tier III Resources:

Stonecutter: Basalt/Adamant
Prospector: Gold/Platinum
Miner: Duskmetal/Blue Iron
Woodcutter: Oak/Soulwood
Weaver: Ironsilk/Gossamer Silk
Skinner: Gnarled Leather/Whorled Leather

Level 40 - Let the Crafting Begin

There are five available crafting skills, your character can choose two crafting skills upon reaching level 40. The crafting trainers can be found in the same areas as the harvesting trainers.

Weaponsmith - A weaponsmith has the ability to make various forms of weaponry. (Related harvesting skills: Miner, Prospector, Woodcutter)

Armorsmith - An armorsmith has the ability to make a wide range of armor from leather to full plate. (Related harvesting skills: Weaver, Skinner, Prospector)

Gemcutter - The gemcutter specializes in crafting gems to enhance equipment. (Related harvesting skills: NONE-Gems are dropped items)

Alchemist - The Alchemist prepared various food and potions to boost and maintain health, stamina, and mana. (Related harvesting skills: NONE-Items are drops or purchased at the Alchemy Merchant)

Architect - The architect is the key to raising a guild city. (Related harvesting skills: Miner, Prospector, Woodcutter, Stonecutter)

Some general information about crafting

You will be given a crafting recipe book (found under abilities).
  • As you train and complete each quest tier more recipes will be added to your recipe book.
  • Crafting resources are stored separately in your backpack.
  • Crafting in the lower tiers is not dependent upon standing in front of a crafting station. As I understand it, the higher tiered quests (level 70?) are dependent on the guild city and your related workshops tier (more to come as information is found and verified).
  • Be aware, the trainers need to inspect your work once items are crafted. DON’T use the items until you have completed that portion of the quest and have had your trainer inspect your work. (This could be very costly, especially if you are an architect.)

Disclaimer- This is just a quicky tip and trick. Please feel free to contribute more information.
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Begin Harvesting at 20
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